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Evangelist: "God broke the law for love!"

by Bayou Reformed on 04/07/16

      Jesus often acted in a way that was natural for him, but out of the ordinary in our view. Walking on water. Sight to the blind. Raising the dead to life. He could do that. After all, he created all that is and without his creating will, nothing was created that ever has been, now does, nor will exist. These are all laws of the physical world. The eternal suggesting that the sending of the Savior would be Law-breaking event is to violate the very nature of God's justice and mercy.

      Steve Furtick gave a heart-tugging intro to the moment of a parent breaking the speed limits posted to show how love breaks the law to restore.    
     "What will really turn your heart to God is not when you hear his laws—which were given for our good, by the way, but they were powerless because there wasn’t enough leverage in our actions to keep the law. So what God did when he sent his Son—and this is why we get excited in church, and this is why tears fill our eyes when we think about Jesus, and this is why the gospel is still good news in the world today—cause God broke the law for love. I said to every sinner, God broke the law for love. I mean that he scooped you up in his arms, I mean that he’s carrying you in his grace, I mean that what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature God did by sending his Son in the likeness of a sinful man." 

     Steve Challies asks: "Did God break the law for love? It might seem like he did or like he had to. After all, he has made sinners right before a holy God. Ah yes, but not by breaking the law. The mystery of the cross is how God could satisfy the demands of the law while offering mercy to those condemned by that very law. The miracle of the cross is that God actually does this—he justifies sinners while keeping every demand of the law."

      By the similar reasoning of Paul arguing for the resurrection from I Cor. 15, Furtick misses the essential nature of the Law in his illustration of love violating the Law to save. If the Law is broken by God, sinners have no perfectly obedient, substitutionary atonement, nor justification; there is no eternal testimony of the justice and mercy of God as Jesus has taken upon himself the penalty of the Law. If God would break his perfect Law, we are still dying in our sin without hope or remedy. Our only hope is the acceptable sacrifice of the perfectly obedient, unblemished lamb of God, raised in glory for the salvation of his people.

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