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The aim is to display love!

by Bayou Reformed on 02/16/17

Read a great article by J.D. Hall today."Calvinists, We Need to Talk,"  written to call our hearts to teach, preach, live, and love our Arminian  and Semi-Pelagian friends, family,  neighbors, or church family with the same grace and mercy that our Lord has extended to us!  

Paul urged Timothy to charge false teachers in the Ephesian church not to teach false doctrine and other things that bring up senseless teachings. He took the same tack as the author  of the article. The aim of  the charge was to get the Ephesians to rise up against the false teachers with love that comes from a pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith.

Entertaining. Heart rending. Zing and Ping straight to the heart and mind. 
He establishes his credentials as a Christian from the Calvinist understanding. And then, he strikes to the heart of the discussion he is prompting: 

Over the course of the last several years, I have grown increasingly disturbed at the amount of Bible-toting, Calvin-quoting, Spurgeon-reading, Bible Logos Reformed Platinum Edition-owning five-point, fire-breathing Calvinists who seem to exhibit no understanding of God’s grace outside of their (astute and true) soteriological system.

Please read the entire article. Fight the feeling to jump to the conclusion, but you need to know that the last paragraph will be worth it all! 

Enjoy! Think. Consider.



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