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Underground Cappodocian Christian City

by Bayou Reformed on 12/15/15

What a find in the Cappadocian lands that were formerly part of the Byzantine Empire near Nevsehir, Turkey:

"In 2014...tunnels led scientists to discover a multilevel settlement of living spaces, kitchens, wineries, chapels, staircases, and bezirhane—linseed presses for producing lamp oil to light the underground city. Artifacts including grindstones, stone crosses, and ceramics indicate the city was in use from the Byzantine era through the Ottoman conquest."

In other words, when the word went out that the Mohammedan invaders were attacking their countryside with overwhelming violence, the Christians moved into a prepared fortress underground and stayed there until the army moved on to other conquests. And now, their descendants of the Islamic Ottoman Empire have rediscovered the old city remains.

National Geographic published a fine piece on the discovery. It puts me in mind of the time the prophet mourned that all was lost and God reminded him about the remnant of prophets sheltered in cave areas nearby!

Bless the Lord! He will always preserve his remnant as a testimony against the heathens that rage! 


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