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What is Confessional Christianity?

by Bayou Reformed on 10/09/16

Founders Journal · Fall 2004 · pp. 23-27

Baptists are a Confessional People

1. "Confessing one’s faith by reciting a doctrinal statement follows the examples of the biblical writers themselves."

2. Being Confessional "reflects a high esteem of the Bible." 

3. "A confession of faith provides a fixed compass by which doctrine can be judged."                                                                                                                    
Answers to Objections to the Use of Confessions

        Some people who oppose the use of creeds and confessions are merely ignorant. They know nothing of the history, purpose, value or biblical substance of the historic creeds of the church. This is not true, however, of most opponents of creeds. They are, as Ernie once wrote, “latitudinarians and heretics.”This is because a sound confessional statement exposes false teaching for what it is. It provides a fixed standard by which to judge         false teachers’ doctrine. These people really do not oppose the idea of a       creed, but the content of orthodox confessional statements.

Others mistakenly believe that confessions and creeds are replacing the Bible. Actually, they form outlines for study and summary statements to discuss. Some say they form coat racks to hang your theology robes on.


Bro. Reisinger was a confessional Christian who believed in ordinary and practical use of the 1689 LCOF as well as the Abstract of Principles, with both subject to the final authority and content of the Holy Bible.

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